Calendar Year 2017 Wholesale Energy Fixed Block Price

State Peak period Off Peak period All Hours period
VIC 6.95 4.00 5.25
NSW 7.50 4.51 5.80
SA 17.20 6.68 11.20
QLD 8.70 4.93 6.55
*all prices are quoted in cents/kWhr
*indicative prices only, for approved business customers

30 minute wholesale electricity price pool

To save our customers money through direct purchasing from the wholesale electricity market.
To be the market leader in electricity retailing for structured products and demand side management (DSM) solutions for small, medium to large industrial and commercial clients above 160MWh

To integrate renewable and sustainable energy sources into the electricity market in an efficient and cost effective way

To provide the best solution for business electricity users

”Rochford Wines have been using PG Energy as our electricity retailer since 2013. By purchasing our electricity through PG Energy, and utilising their unique wholesale structured products, we control the electricity costs instead of a normal fixed rate retailer.
We would certainly recommend any business looking to save costs on their energy bills to contact PG Energy , it makes great business sense to buy wholesale electricity.”
Helmut Konecsny - CEO, Rochford Wines
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PG Energy gives you access to the wholesale electricity market

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