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Welcome To PG Energy

PG Energy is a specialised Electricity Retailer offering wholesale market access to large electricity users within the NEM (National Electricity Market). Our sophisticated management tools and flexible energy products provide innovative solutions to deliver savings via the wholesale electricity market.

We have a strong commercial focus and deliver cost effective energy solutions

Our outlook is simple, to provide a unique service catering to large market customers and small capacity generators over and above the options currently available in the market. Our services encompass both the trading of electricity and regulatory offsets including GreenPower and environmental certificates.

PG Energy provides energy agreements for both hedged and direct wholesale pool purchasing consumers, options include benefits tailored to suit the operation of the particular site, including load shedding capability and partial hedging.

What do we believe in?

To save our customers money through direct purchasing from the wholesale market.
To be the market leader in electricity retailing for structured products and demand side management (DSM) solutions for small, medium to large industrial and commercial clients above 160MWh

To integrate renewable and sustainable energy sources into the electricity market in an efficient and cost effective way

Our Expertise

  • Wholesale managed pool purchasing & monitoring for sites that have higher levels of load management & shedding capability that can be integrated with backup generation assets
  • Wholesale capped Pool Purchasing & Monitoring for sites that have minimal of no level of load management & shedding capability
  • Structured options where your load data is highly analysed in order to tailor and optimise the risk/reward customer payout commensurate with your risk tolerances and management preferences
  • Progressive purchasing where spot and forward hedge levels are actively managed around prevailing market conditions backed up by rigorous analytics, market intelligence and the significant trading experience of the collective PG team
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PG Energy gives you access to the wholesale electricity market

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