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Introducing the 5-Minute Price Notification Service

This exciting new service from PG Energy will help you grow your market knowledge, improve your awareness – and better equip your business to respond to high and low price events when they occur. And the best part? This is a value-add service for all our Pool Monitoring service customers. No extra costs apply.
What […]

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Wholesale Electricity for Fruit Growers

Comparing fixed contracts to wholesale electricity for fruit growers in South Australia
With SA fixed contract prices skyrocketing, many fruit growers are seeking new ways to reduce energy costs. Although many have looked to solar and energy efficiency options, the savings haven’t been enough to counteract rising fixed contract prices.

However for some forward-thinking fruit growers who […]

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Comparing Different Business Energy Suppliers

If you’re not satisfied with your current business electricity provider or think you can do better, your first step is to identify how much you’re paying right now. The next step is to find out and compare prices among different providers in your area. Your best bet is to go with wholesale electricity suppliers.

There are […]

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Save on Business Electricity by Installing LED Lighting

Many businesses rely on their ‘shop front’ to attract clients and advertise their services, products and brand. Furthermore, many businesses use lighting to create and design an attractive and memorable experience for customers visiting their workplace.

At night, more lighting is required in order for businesses to be visible and make full use of their […]

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How to Save Your Business Electricity and Make Bigger Profits

The environment and your business deserve to have a brighter future, one that has cheaper electricity that will not only help you generate huge profits but also reduce the cost that follows.

These tips on saving energy will genuinely save your business a lot of money.

You can use these following pointers into your various different business […]

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Wholesale Electricity Market

Many people think that electricity is the most important thing we need for survival after water and food (and why not, it is true). They believe so because a number of appliances we use, work we do, and food we produce is totally dependent on the availability of electricity. Just cut off the power of […]

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Cheap Business Electricity – What is that?

Business electricity is a little more complicated than that supplied to residential – the best energy plan for your business depends largely on the size and type of your organisation, and the way you use power.

Businesses typically pay different rates from domestic users, and policies are set up differently.

A business account is similar to a […]

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What is the wholesale electricity business?

In most cases electricity is generated by a power company that does not deliver to the end use consumer. A single kilowatt, the basic unit of electricity required to power a house, like every other commodity is bought and resold a number of times before it is consumed. These transactions are called “sales for re-sale,” […]

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Thinking about setting up in the Wholesale Electricity Market?

The wholesale power market is a crucial component in the supply of electricity in different parts of the world. Starting up a business to retail in the wholesale electricity market is challenging, as expected, delivering electricity to business customers becomes a critical part of that customers operation and you need to have all the necessary […]

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Why Consider Floating Electricity Pool Prices?

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