PG Energy will revolutionise how you purchase and use energy

PG Energy is not just another electricity retailer – we are here to revolutionise how you purchase energy!

If your business spends more than $50,000 a year on energy, are looking to save money and are willing to take a more active role in your energy purchasing, then our wholesale energy products are for you.

By providing access to wholesale energy pricing you can access the lowest energy costs in the market.  The end result is massive savings to your business.

The wholesale energy market is the same market that your traditional retailer uses to purchase their energy. They then mark this up, package it up and on-sell it to you through fixed price energy deals with no transparency and locked in contract terms, often with massive margins.

To see what you could save – have a look at the current wholesale energy prices here.

Lowest cost energy, no fixed contracts, complete control of your energy pricing and huge savings! Take control of you energy and call us today!

To get started – contact us and one of our industry experts will call to discuss your needs further.

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PG Energy gives you access to the wholesale electricity market

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